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In this article, we are going to talk about the directors of 2getherments. 2getherments have transformed the concept of urban living. We focus mainly on two segments which include retired urbanites and working couples. 2getherments come with a strong designing background and now we are into developing projects.

We ensure that our projects are equipped with all the amenities that one needs in a property. We bring with us the proper blend of urban and rural living. Where you feel the peace and enjoy the tranquility of the rural area and at the same time be connected to all the civic amenities of urban living.

At 2getherment, Our Primary goal is to build affordable housing where you feel a sense of strong community which allows you to build a bond with your neighbors. Our top priorities are creating a positive impact on the planet, prosperity, and people.

Here are our directors.


Founder and Managing Director
Harinath Rao is a name synonymous with building quality and unique residential projects. He brings his years of construction expertise to the company. Mr. Harinath is a civil engineer by profession who was worked on more than 50+ projects in and around the city. He founded lahari construction in 1990. His caliber in construction and managing large projects are the backbone of 2getherments.




Founder and Director
Nagesh Kumar Battula comes with his design experience. His years of experience in designing gives us the advantage in creating these unique architectural masterpieces. He is also the CEO & Managing Director of FHD Group which is the brain behind Organo ( a self-sustained community ) and 800 other projects as well.





Vijaya Durga comes from an interior designing background with more than 20 years of experience. She is also the head of the interiors team at FHD. Colors, Details and all the perfection that you see in 2getherments, the credit goes to her eye for detail.

In 2getherments, we have people from different expertise including design, interior and project management where each individual works as a pillar and bring out their vision into reality.


2getherments Directors

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